The Pagan Portals series does a great job of providing a beginners guide to the subject and Gods and Goddesses of Wales, is another great introduction. The book can be read cover to cover but is also set up to skip around to the sections that interest the reader. Author Halo Quin starts out with a brief coverage of the Welsh theories and sources as well as modern pagan practice. In the chapter discussing theology, the author breaks down the various “Magical Allies” such as Gods and Goddesses, Demigods/goddesses, and then the Spirits of place like ancestors. The author challenges the reader to explore and find their own understanding of how to develop the relationship with each. The book mentions there are different ways to approach deity and how to build a personal relationship. Understanding the background and stories first will help to getting to know who you may be working with or noticing their presence in your life.
In Part II of the book, we get to dive into the Gods. The author provides some history, stories, symbols, ideas for offerings as well as vision exercises. This section alone is worth having the book on your shelves for reference again and again. I found it enchanting and loved learning about various deities.

The book ends with a pronunciation guide. For those not familiar with how the Welsh language sounds, this section is very helpful to deepen the understanding and correctly pronounce the name of the deity you are wishing to connect with. Not all of us have the luxury of visiting Wales, but those who can are recommended to research the stories and land prior to your journey. This will help build a more meaningful encounter for working with the Welsh Gods and Goddesses.

While the book is more like an intro guide, there is a lot of great information provided in a small package. For anyone wanting to learn the basics or get their feet wet learning about the Gods and Goddesses of Wales, I recommend this as a pickup!
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Halo Quin
Moon Books, 2019
pp. 120, $10.95