Author Dagulf Loptson takes in depths look at the Norse God Loki, the trickster of the Norse Pantheon. Loki is known for getting the gods into troubling situations, but also able to get them out of them again. He is known for his trickery, shapeshifting and magic. Loki is one of the more interesting and controversial of the Norse gods.

The author describes Loki as a force that burns brightly in the Norse myths and is viewed in many various ways. He is seen as the teller of unpleasant truths, the breaker of bonds, the fire born from lightning, challenger of authority, and disrupter of stagnation. He is there to help us laugh at our mistakes and turn them into wisdom, live authentically, and never apologize for who you are.

I have always had an interest and been drawn to Loki. Growing up I was different and marched to the beat of my own drum. As an adult, I even had a female German Shepherd we adopted (already named) Loki who ended up being my familiar and one of the best dogs I have ever had as a companion. If you are interested in this book, you too may have felt the pull of the trickster. He is more than just playing pranks and causing trouble. This book introduces the readers to the many facets of Loki and the myths.

The chapters focus on one of the myths as well as a magical action to work with him such as creating a Loki candle, creating incense, amulets, prayer beads, special oils and more. The author provides a roadmap to who Loki is, and ways you can interact. The author explains that when working with Loki, the reader may experience transformations they may or may not know they needed. While the book provides some of the myths and stories, he explains that Loki is a deity to be experienced. If you have felt called to work with Loki, this book is recommended as a starting point to learn more about the famous Trickster God.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Dagulf Loptson
Moon Books, 2020
pp. 104, $10.95