Full disclosure time, Morgan is a friend of mine, and I got a copy of her book ahead of publication so I could do this review. Plus I tend to collect books on Irish Gods and Goddesses. And this book does not disappoint.

Lugh is one of my patron deities. He and I have had many interactions in the past, and when I work in my druidic methods, He is one of the deities I call upon. I have written articles on Him and also studied a lot of mythology on Him. I've also read a lot of books about Lugh.

This book I would say is about as close as a definitive work gets, without getting into the minutiae that many authors can get lost in. Morgan really does a fantastic job of sharing the mythology of Lugh, the context of the mythology, the various accounts of Him without getting into the stories other than to tell you what is relevant, and then about how to look at the God and how to incorporate Him into your worship. And I have to say that this book really really organizes the ton of information out there on Lugh into a book that even a novice can understand and start using to connect with Lugh and work with Him.

Given the ton of information out there, and the various disguises this god puts on in the stories, this is a feat worth mentioning all by itself.

But Morgan doesn't just leave it there, she also gives you enough information to find ALL the information that is out there, even the stuff she didn't use, so you can continue to look and read on Him. She gives you poetry, prayers, and suggested altars to set up to Lugh, and the names of the freaking goads that Lugh owns. I mean, how many other books can you think of that would include this information that aren't the actual lore that contains it?

I'm going to be very careful, because this is normally where I put in the "parts I didn't like" and "what detracts from the review". But honestly, for the life of me, I can't really think of anything to put here. I did skim somewhat, more like speed-read, but very little of what is here did I skip totally, so when I say that I don't have any objections to the work at all, take that as you will.

I will say that it was nice to see my own article verified in some particulars with this work, even if she didn't cite me. (Yes, that is a joke.)

Yeah, 5 of 5 stars seems right  here. It is a book that one would want in their library if you have any interest in Irish deities at all, and it's well sourced, well cited, and well done.

~review by Erin

Author: Morgan Daimler
Moon Books, 2021