Prior to recent popular movies, what I knew about Thor was limited to the Norse myths I'd read as a child, so being offered the latest in the Pagan Portals was an easy affirmative for me,especially since I've read a few other of Daimler's books and found them to be a superb researcher. In no way was I let down.

Thor opens with a lengthy and informative Introduction about Thor’s impact and movement throughout history. the reader is then taken to a discussion of just who is this contradictory Deity. The next section takes us through his mythology and how that's made its way into literature, academics and general knowledge. Chapters Three and Four describe Thor's presence in other regions and how the local culture's shift how he is viewed. That directly informs the symbols and imagery of his myths. Chapters Five and Six bring Thor into the modern world and how we can connect with his and his energies today. Each chapter ends with "Thor in My Life" in which Daimler links the chapters theme with a personal narrative of the events and encounters they have had with Thor, creating new linkages and a kind of proto-mythology for the reader to consider.

Daimler's sources include both Norse and Germanic cultures and they have included a wide range of scholars and other perspectives to provide the broadest understanding. Also included are plenty of stories and legends and -- BONUS!!! -- lots of footnotes, an excellent Bibliography, and websites for the reader to further their education. I particularly appreciated how Daimler dealt with the issue of how white supremacists have sought to appropriate Norse mythology to their cause.

This is definitely an introductory book, as are all of the Pagan Portals books. And that is my only criticism. In other words: highly recommended for those of us who want to learn more about Thor beyond the cinematic eye candy!

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Morgan Daimler
Moon Books, 2020
pp. 104, $10.95