Most of us who use the tarot, no matter how experienced, can still learn even more about the cards. Nearly all of my acquaintances have at least one deck on their shelves that they just can’t seem to connect with. Perhaps we simply aren’t using the right approach? The Complete Tarot Reader, applicable to any tarot deck, is designed to help the reader not only understand the underlying meaning of the card symbolism, but also use our intuition to better interpret the cards. There are exercises within each chapter to further your work.


After working your way through understanding the cards, you move on to readings. The author includes several ways to interpret reversals so that you may find a method that works best for you. There are several appendices included covering numerological, astrological and elemental associations as well as a glossary of symbols and instructions for the tarot card game Tarocchi.


I found The Complete Tarot Reader to be an extremely useful book. Anyone, regardless of experience, should be able to gain insight from this book. It is perfect for those new to tarot as well as the experienced reader who simply wishes to add new depth to their readings.


~ review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Teresa C. Michelsen
Llewellyn Publications, 2005
pp. 280, $15.95