The pendulum is a one of many divining tools that can be used in various ways. Whether the reader is looking to learn how to dowse with a pendulum or has been using this tool for years, this book has a bit of something for everyone. The book focuses on working with your creative side.

The book can be used as a workshop style guide and is broken down into sixteen chapters. The chapters include: Where Divining, Healing and Creativity Meet, Learn to Dowse with the Pendulum, Divine with the Intuitive Creativity Charts, Clear Your Life and Balance Your Aura and Chakras, Create Time for Morning Quiet and Inspiration, Uncover Negative Beliefs, Blocks and Distractions, Fill the Creative Well, Discover Your Creative Identity and New Art Directions, Use Conscious Creative Processes and Tools, Venture into the Business of Art, Out into the World Market Your Art, Action and Success, Coach Yourself to Personal Success, Coach Others, Paint on Your Hands, and Start Your Own Divine Creativity Cluster.

The author explains in the introduction section that the reader will learn the following process of Pendulum Creativity with step-by-step instructions:
• Attune to and commune with Spirit through centering and
• Learn to dowse (also called divining) with a pendulum.
• Research using the pendulum with the Intuitive Creativity Charts.
• Let go of old beliefs, distractions, and artistic blocks to find original
• Play, learn, and advance on your true soul path.
• Love your art-making
• Learn to give Intuitive Creativity Coaching Sessions.
• Formulate a Creative Action Plan.
• Coach yourself and others to an abundant life and success.

Every chapter includes an exercise with dowsing examples, journal prompts, and more. The author provides the information in an easy to understand manner and the reader should be able to follow along easily. Whether the reader wants to make their own pendulum or buy one from the store, the instructions are written so the reader can explore their own creativity and what feel right to them. The book is a guidebook that can easily be adjusted to fit the readers confort levels and path.

As someone who does create my own resin pendulums and boards, I loved the creative nature of the book. There are so many ideas in the book that are open to explore your inner creativity, the sky is truly the limit. For those crafty diviners I recommend this book!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Joan Rose Staffen
Weiser Books, 2022
pp. 288, $19.95