In Feng Shui Plain and Simple, Bartlett describes the core beliefs of feng shui and provides instruction on how to use each of these beliefs. "The ancient Chinese believed that the world humankind and all of nature were connected by a flow of the universal energy called Chi. This Chi was made up of two qualities feng and shui (pg 2)."

The first chapter starts with de-cluttering and giving space clearing techniques. Also talks about balancing yin and yang. Harmonizing these two energies will help the cheat move better throughout your environment.

She describes how to map out rooms so that the reader can determine whether that she is moving appropriately throughout the house. Additionally she relates these to certain aspects of your life. She has a chapter on harmonizing the chi in your home which helps you look at entrances and different specific rooms in the home.

She then moves into how to relate what different elements to feng shui. Additionally she gives fixes for each element. Aside from your home Bartlett discusses balancing your environment which is a matter of looking at where you are the neighborhood, etc.

Bartlett connects Chinese astrology to feng shui and to some extent she links numerology to feng shui. She breaks down an analysis of each element. She talks about how an element works in your personality. And then talks about if you have too much of the same element in your home how it can affect you. So for instance if your element is wood oh, you would want to avoid filling your house with potted plants. You would also want to use water and fire cures within your home.

She covers other topics like creating a sacred corner, using feng shui to improve your relationships, prosperity in career, as well as career choices. She also talks about balancing energy through decor

Bartlett's writing style is easy to read and comfortable. She's clear and concise without talking down to the reader.  She covers this topic in a short book which offers a good overview of the concepts. This is not a master study but gives a good broad concept of feng shui but also connects it to other beliefs like Chinese astrology.

~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Sarah Bartlett
Hampton Road Publishing
pp. 149