If you have ever felt drawn to the Norse Alphabet and runes this book is for you. The author will guide the reader through the history of the Futharks, the alphabet and for the new system how to make your own set. The first part of the book is the introduction where the reader learns about understanding the alphabet, the divination system, and how to create and use the pieces. Part two covers the pieces themselves. Each chapter covers a piece that represents the various players in the Norse pantheon and their traits.

There are thirty six primary pieces and each represents either a person or a thing. The author does provide additional pieces if the reader would like to include those as well. Each chapter provides information of the history, the beliefs and customs, and background. The system helps provides the reader with a more rounded out piece for the divination.

The creation of the pieces is also up the reader they can be very simple or complex depending on how creative you want to be. If the reader is new to divination, the author helps them along to start their journey on doing readings. The instructions are easy to follow no matter if the reader is a beginner or advanced diviner.

While the book is not a light read, the reader shouldn’t be worried as there is a great appendix to help with understanding the over two hundred names, places and items. It is recommended by the author to read the book in its entirety first before beginning to help with a full understanding first.

For anyone that feels drawn to the Norse Path and wishes to create a personal divination system and set this book is recommended.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Gypsey Elaine Teague
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
pp. 256, $18.99