This book, illustrated with tarot cards from several decks, would make a wonderful introductory book for anyone beginning to work with the tarot.  After a brief history of the tarot and a chapter answering frequently asked questions about the tarot, Pollack moves on to the meat of the book: a detailed, multi-page (3 pages for major arcana cards, 1 1/2 pages for minors) illustrated description of each of the 78 cards in a standard tarot deck.  She concludes with a chapter on reading the cards, which includes several sample spreads, and a short list of suggested books for further study.


If you already own several tarot books, there may not be enough new information presented in this book to justify purchasing it, although you are likely to have at least a few new insights as you read.  For the beginning tarotist, however, this is an excellent reference.  Pollack's enthusiasm for her subject is obvious in her clear, informative writing on the subject.


~review by Jackie Gorman

Author: Rachel Pollack

Llewellyn Publications, August 2005

264 pages, $12.95