This slim little book introduces the reader to two spiritual practices: shamanism from a specifically Druid perspective, and its place as the ancestral shamanism of Britain and Europe.

The reader is introduced to Celts, Druids, what a shaman is, and then is given a look at the tale of Taliesin from a shamanic point of view. Practical Druidic shamanic practices are shared, along with the very important basic tools of how to raise your own energy, manifest power, as well as creating sacred space. There is solid research provided for the practice of shamanism in the Celtic past.

We are then taken on a tour of the three realms.  Abred, the Middleworld, where the indwelling spirits are found and then to visit the Underworld and Upperworld. Along the way, we are given explanations as to how to develop the abilities of the seer and reach a shamanic state of consciousness. From there the reader can begin to embark on shamanic journeying. There are exercises in finding a spirit ally and meeting one's ancestors, important contacts to make before attempting further shamanic journeying to the Otherworlds.

A connection with the landscape is vital for both druids and shamans. Exercises are provided to meet the guardians of the earth and trees, as well as kindling an awareness of Nemetona, whom Ms. Forest refers to as the Celtic Goddess of the sacred grove. Finally, we are shown methods of divination that ancient druids are likely to have used, and which can still be mastered today.

Highly recommended for anyone wishing to explore an entirely new, yet ancient, spirituality.

~review by Patricia Mullen

Author: Danu Forest
Moon Books, 2014
pp. 94, $9.95