As a person, I am a huge fan of practical books. You know what I mean, right? Practical books are the ones that break down information in a way that makes what was once tricky to understand, easy. The really good ones make it seem like the reader is really smart along the way. (Those are the ones where you read something and say to yourself, "Oh, yeah. I knew that, I just didn't think of it that way.") Druidry and Meditation is one of the latter.

Ms. Brown is clearly someone who teaches: her writing style is informal without being breezy, and her words convey a great deal of information in the span of very few pages. At its core, meditation is a simple practice, but the number of books in the market discussing it makes clear the fact that the simpler practices are often the most difficult to comprehend, never mind actually achieving.

I appreciated her consistent reminder that the practice meditation is different foe each person, and that different techniques work better, or worse, depending on individuality. Some people will find walking far more suitable to achieving a calm mind, others (many?) will prefer the 'traditional' sit sill and contemplate methodology.

While I am not a Druid, I found her perspective accessible. But the information as presented from a Druid's perspective, and with links to common practices (such as shapeshifting, drumming, and connecting with the land and ancestors) was interesting. If only as a contrast to my own spiritual practice.

I highly recommend this book for Druids or people interested in that path, but it is also recommended for anyone following a path of alternative spirituality.

~review by Patricia Mullen

Author: Nimue Brown
Moon Books, 2012
pp. 172, $19.95