Greshem-Record says “Our beliefs govern our thoughts, behaviours, experiences and emotions. We need not live old familiar programmes and patterns from our conditioned past. When we change our beliefs in the sub-conscious mind and become a vibrational match to the belief that we are desiring, we and our lives transform.” Her Healing InSight Method identifies 28 beliefs per chakra that can be energetically realigned to envision positive self-development. Working with the Chakras outlines a set of therapeutic processes, affirmations, visualization, and bodywork for the practical application of this methodology.

Specifically, the reader is offered teaching in how to:

  • Identify limiting beliefs and understand emotions
  • Review your life for areas of personal growth
  • Create supportive beliefs
  • Use muscle testing to discover your unconscious blocks
  • Use visualization to heal
  • Attain heart head and gut coherence to make you a vibrational match to your desires
  • Develop your intuition and relationship with yourself in the process

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Nikki Greshem-Record
Findhorn Press, 2019
pp. 304, $24.99