Shaman Pathways: The Celtic Chakras by Elen Sentier is a unique look at chakras from the Celtic perspective.  Using great sources as well as graphics and images Sentier begins the book by describing exactly what chakras are, where they are found on the body, and how to work with them, all from a Celtic perspective.  One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that it is easy to understand.  Sentier does not use extra words or fancy words, she just explains it in real world terminology that most anyone can understand.

One thing though, is that Sentier does include a lot of background information about how chakras work into a Celtic tradition and given how short the book is, that leaves little room for information about how to actually work with the chakras.  She does include exercises however, to help you learn the chakras from the Celtic perspective.  Though this book is short and filled with a lot of lore, it's a great beginner's guide to Celtic chakras. 

Highly recommended.

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Elen Sentier
83ppg; $9.95
Moon Books; 2013