Bill Duvendack delivers just as this title promises. He writes Spirit Relations in a clear, personal style that sounds very much like the author's real-life spoken voice. Fortunately, in print or verbally, he is clear, to the point without being patronizing, and offers a layer of both good humor and sensibility that so many spiritual-book readers crave when exploring the worlds beyond. He also organizes well. The table of contents offers a clear manual for a reader to review sections before continuing with any experiment.   

While Duvendack states that he considers his opening material basics – discussing the physics and the skeptical arguments, breaking down the different energy systems of the human body, and examining the different "clairs" (clairaudient, clairsentient, etc.) these are hardly the basics of most 101 books on the market. Many sections cover material that even seasoned readers might not find in scattered studies over years – and here this young(ish) author has researched it, tagged it, and put it all in one place for the rest of us. For the introductory work alone someone needs to send this man a muffin basket.

Duvendack writes a significant amount on the most troubling question of all for the new practitioner: "Am I imagining this?" He suggests ending relationships with people that douse this line of questioning. This, however, comes AFTER he makes clear the absolute necessity of grounding and spending time connected to the material planes. For those that struggle with their everyday world growing larger as their psychic perceptions expand, this is balanced advice. It is important to keep people around who "believe that you believe it." It is also important to come out of those states that lead to these perceptions, be ordinary, and sometimes let the cigar just be a cigar.

~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Bill Duvendack
Megalithica Books, 2017
pp. 164, $16.99