Sir Reginald Bakely is a master gardener, gentleman of fine pursuits, and beset with the second sight. Such a confluence of interest and condition leads to a life dedicated to faerie population control. Bakely shares his expertise in patronizing brownies until they abandon you, sidestepping fairy enchantments and releasing goblins too dumb to escape a chicken coop.

Animal and faerie rights experts may find his instructions on catching and grafting flower fairies to blooms distasteful. Participants in twelve step programs may have other concerns.

Although several passages may leave the reader wondering if Sir Blakely himself understands the difference between second sight and delirium tremens, there is an authenticity to what he relates, particularly in Blakeley’s lack of wonderment. He ends his instructional with a chilling personal tale that distinguishes why this man sees fairies as plague rather than curiosity adamantly enough to abash the most ardent lover of Tinkerbell. A reader enthusiastic to connect with the faerie kingdom would do well to take heed of what Blakely relates.

~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Reginald Bakeley (Clint Marsh)
Conari Press
pp. 190, $14.95