Enlightening and self-empowering, this book speaks to all seek­ing to further their spirituality and personal medicine. It is written from a Native American perspective but encom­passes many cultures, societies and ethnic groups. The authors state, "Followers of great religions will find that native spirituality strengthens a person's already established faith. Native spirituality can enhance any belief or faith that asks the seeker to examine his or her own motives." To glean knowledge from (his work and utilize its concepts in no way contradicts other forms of organized religion.

We are shown step by step in a clear and concise manner how to employ the ancient wisdom that has been handed down by the elders, with the teachings remaining true to the traditional ways, losing none of their inherently rich values, compromising noth­ing. In following the guidelines of the traditional teachings, they become a living and breathing part of our everyday lives.


It does not matter whether one lives in the heart of the city, an apartment complex, the remotest pan of the countryside, whether one is ready and able to run a marathon, feels they have handicaps that might otherwise prevent them from utilizing such a spiritu­ally rich belief system. This book has been written in such a man­ner that everyone can utilize its wisdom.


I found myself awestruck at how well the authors enabled the teachings to work no matter where a person lives or the condition of their health and with all organized religions. Novice and adept alike will find this a rewarding and worthwhile book.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Fran Dancing Feather and Rita Robinson

New Page Books 2003

pp. 250, $13.99