Author David Carson has spent much of his life learning the ways of the native. He was born in Oklahoma and now resides in New Mexico where he continues learning through his association with Native American elders and others who have inside knowledge and understand the native wisdom. In Spirit Clans readers will go back in time with Carson as he teaches how spirit clans have been around to guide and help their human followers for many years. He tells how the original clans were formed and how they followed the clan throughout many generations to where they are today.

Readers will get an understanding of how the spirit clan is a separate entity from their personal power guide. Carson describes the unique purpose of them both and how the reader will be able to differentiate their guides and use them to their full potential.

Carson will show the reader how they too can find their own spirit clan. He discusses the importance of the shaman and how they are used in Native American clans. Using their techniques he teaches readers to seek their own clan through dreams, visions, past life regressions, or other altered states.

In the later chapters Carson provides readers with an extensive list of the different spirit clans and the accumulated knowledge he has learned of each. Things like how their clan honored them and some of the traditions they may have held. The characteristics of the people associated with the specific clan will be discussed. Readers will also learn some folklore and stories that may have been passed down through the clan.

After several, but not all, spirit clans are listed and described in the text Carson takes the reader on a meditation journey to help them find their own clan. Readers may find this more useful than the other suggestions for getting in touch with their origin.

I would recommend Spirit Clans to anyone seeking to tap a new well of power within. For those who are new to spirituality or the experienced, Spirit Clan could be exactly what you have been looking for to enhance, strengthen or help harness the power we each weld. It is an interesting read chalk full of information to help further our understanding of other cultures and to help find our own enlightenment.

 ~review by Keri Nichol

Author: David Carson
Hampton Roads, 2018
p. 182, $$16.95