From Germany’s bestselling witchcraft author, Hexe Claire, readers will learn all about the folk healing techniques used in the old world in her new book: Magical Healing. Author of all things natural magic, fortune teller, teacher, and witch, Claire brings her knowledge and experience of German culture and tradition to her writing.

Readers go back into time as they discover the original roots of magic: healing. Follow along with Claire as she tells about her own upbringing and uses of everyday magic that was part of everyday life. Remedies, chants and concoctions tried, tested and passed down through generations with success in healing and helping in numerous situations.

Because of Claire’s upbringing in Germany, readers will get a firsthand look at the uses of magic within the German/ European culture. It reveals a hidden knowledge that use to only be passed down through word of mouth within families.

Claire discusses the best times to heal, who can heal and how one might find their own energy to heal. She informs the reader on the power in word and the techniques that are most useful. Readers will begin to understand the power behind what is spoken and what it intended. Then the book goes further into other tools that may be beneficial in your own practices.

Within the books pages you will find chants that are designed for specific outcomes and a list of powerful plants. Each plant listed is described and recipes are given for different ways that it may be used. Readers will find recipes for salves, sprays, waters, baths, ointments, etc. Ailments that are covered range from hair loss and feminine issues to headaches and first aid.

Further, readers will learn about the healing properties of stones. Some specific stones are listed in the pages with their healing capabilities and some general uses for this type of healing.

This is a great book for healers, witch’s, or anyone looking for tried and true natural healing techniques. I would recommend it also to those seeking further knowledge in the German and European ancient culture and even those who follow and study in Greek mythology. There is much to be learned here for many different people. It is a useful resource to have on every natural remedy loving mother’s bookshelves for all those ailments and illnesses. Claire covered all the bases with this well rounded guide on Old World healing.
~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Hexe Claire
Llewellyn Publications, 2018
p. 224, $21.99