Healing Touch is the book you want if you are interested in any kind of energy healing.  The book is very well organized, involving the history of the practice of healing touch, simple practices one can integrate into their life as well as exercises one can do to build their skills in healing touch. Hover-Kramer also includes stories and testimonials from healing touch practitioners to show healing touch at work, in regular daily lives.

Three things that really impressed me with this book are the simple explanations Hover-Kramer gives, so that any lay person can understand the points and ideas she is explaining.  Along with that are great figures, showing the different exercises to help one visualize what she is putting across to the reader as well as references and sources for her information.  Concepts she includes in her book are grounding and centering, healing touch for any stage of life as well as where one can take their practice of healing touch such as moving into nursing.

It is quite evident that Hover-Kramer loves healing touch; her enthusiasm and love of healing touch are transferred to the reader through the book.  Any one interested in energy healing should read this book; it is the perfect primer.  I highly, highly recommend it.  I must say though that it is not an easy read; especially if you are completely new to energy healing.  While it is an introductory book, it is heavy reading full of new concepts and ideas.  Be prepared to get a mental work out!

~reviewed by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Dorothea Hover-Kramer
Sounds True Inc, 2011
pg. 239 $.16.95