How To Eat An Elephant by Dr. Brett Hill was nothing what I expected it to be.  Truth be told, I expected it to a typical change-your-life-in-one-week style book, advocating changing most of one's negative habits, as books like this most often are.  However, How To Eat An Elephant is nothing of the sort.  It is, in fact, the exact opposite of this.  Dr. Hill advocates making one or two small changes, taking the time to develop them into habits, and then once those changes have become permanent, then you pick one or two more small changes to make, and so on and so forth. 

As for which changes to make Dr. Hill includes in his book; in fact this is the meat of the book, 97 small changes one can make in their life to greatly improve their health and quality of life.  The then also includes a page or more of information about the changes and why one would want to, or should make this change.  A couple of these changes include; avoiding fluoride, staying away from artificial sweeteners and not shopping hungry.  With each change he does also ensure to include the best way he sees as making the change; some include over one week, the others include over 21 days or longer. 

This book is, in fact, a huge resource for anyone with health concerns, weight concerns or who simply wants to improve their health in general and life.

~Reviewed by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Brett Hill, MD
Ayni Books, 2012
pp. 214 $22.95