Are you stressed out? Tied in emotional knots? Hung up and strung out?

Get this 2-disc CD for a “blissful, natural high.” The special iAwake audio technology integrates entrainment psychoacoustic principles to induce states of deep calm.

The first disc is sound-only, and features a dreamy ambient soundscape. Bluetech is Evan Bartholemew, the electronica guru who created the luscious “Dreaming into Being” CD and contributed to Prana Pulse’s “Shamans Dream” CD. So you just know the ambient soundtrack is lush with relaxing, chocolately goodness. There are three 20-minute tracks: 1) Relief, 2) Reprieve, and 3) Repose.

Sit in your favorite chair or couch and prepare for a musical brain massage!

Disc Two includes the same three musical tracks overdubbed with guided meditations. The listener is instructed to lay down flat and use headphones for best results. “Relief” moves through the sixty-one points of relaxation from yoga nidra. This enables an uncommonly profound state of meditation. “Reprieve” untangles emotional snarls that create fatigue. This meditation addresses stress by releasing its causes. The biofield frequencies assist in opening up emotional centers to release harmful feelings. Multiple sessions with this track break down accumulated stress and promote clarity and inner freedom. “Repose” is a continuation of “Reprieve.” It deepens the process initiated in the second track. Tracks 2 and 3 are designed to be used together.

The CD includes a ten-page booklet that supplies detailed instructions and suggestions for a meditation schedule for best results.

This is a tremendously exciting product that digs into layers of sticky emo-crud and clears its away. Highly recommended for people struggling with extreme stress and emotional problems.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Bluetech
iAwake Technologies/SoundsTrue, 2013
2 discs, 6 tracks, 2 hours