Filled with a wide assortment of information interspersed with unique viewpoints, in Soul Breathing: Spiritual Light and the Art of Self-Mastery, Carrie L'Esperance makes some unique assertions regarding modern day technologies and health issues many people face nowadays. Although this book is on a very non-typical topic, it is written in such a way that anyone can read and understand it, regardless of background or education level. Using seven chapters, L'Esperance argues that things such as Wi-Fi and electromagnetic frequencies affect both our physical and spiritual health. Asserting that these waves and frequencies interrupt our connections with Spirit and our higher selves, Soul Breathing includes things such as meditations and affirmations as well as information on chakras and auras. 

Chapters included in Soul Breathing are: The Timeless and The Sacred, Incognito, Realignment, Testimonials, The Alchemy of Destiny, The Eloquence of the Ethereal and The New Cosmology. The first thing I thought when I looked at the table of contents was that I found it odd that testimonials got their own chapter, rather than being included in relevant sections of the book. Though it's a small chapter I personally found this a little unnecessary. That being said the chapters following Testimonials were very interesting and informative, including information on psychic cleansing, planes of darkness and light, biophysics and the power of dreams.  Furthermore the chapter Incognito includes a lot of background material on what can cause this disconnect between us and our spiritual, higher selves. This chapter can really help beginners to these thoughts get a basic understanding on what L'Esperance is discussing. 

Soul Breathing ends with a declaration of human sovereignty, a bibliography as well as an index. I always like to see books which include things like this as it really shows the author takes their subject and book seriously. Plus, with a book as packed full of information as this one is it can really help the reader go back and find something they'd like to re-read. 

One thing I noticed is that L'Esperance uses several different terms interchangeably; God/Spirit/Divine and so forth. Additionally, L'Esperance really does not bring religion into this book; she does not use religion to assert her beliefs; this makes the book a good fit for anyone of any religious background who has an interest in this subject. So if you have an interest in this subject I highly recommend this book. L'Esperance has really done their homework and includes information on a broad spectrum of subjects which can definitely inform the reader on several related points of view. Additionally this would work as a great book for a beginner to this subject matter; the author gives wonderful introductory information. However if you have no interest in this subject, I'd steer clear. 
~ Reviewer: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Carrie L'Esperance
Bear & Company, 2016
312ppg; $20.00