This is a wonderful book, well written. The author has obviously not only done the research but has personally experienced the magic that is inherently yours when one comes to have an understanding of the Qabalah. It is apparent that she has made Qabalistic magic a living part of her life and reveals how we may also do the same.

Steeped in mystery, the Qabalah has nourished and guided man throughout the eons, this being the key that unlocks the mysteries of nature. The Qabalah helps us to understand the part we play within the creative process. No other system remains this flexible and allows itself to be attuned to the individual nature of the person exploring its mysteries as does the Qabalah.


Within this book we are allowed to study the Qabalah as it has developed within the Western Mystery Tradition. The author takes us on a guided tour of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Such excursions are often referred to as a tree climb. This is one of the most revealing and self-empowering methods of meditation one can experience. Step by step the author helps us to understand this often elusive system making many references to Neo-pagan and Wiccan beliefs finally rendering the Qabalah as a usable tool within these belief systems.


The author gives an overview of each Sephirah, the temple of that sphere, encountering the in-house divinities, methods to enter each Sephirah, and an understanding of the various paths required to get from one Sephirah to another. Also included is an index, and 555 playful correspondences to get you in the mood, plus diagrams as an aid to visualization of the Tree.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Kala Trobe
Llewellyn Worldwide, 2001
pp 295, $14.95