Facing The Darkness by Cat Treadwell is a book that I cannot recommend highly enough.  Written from the perspective of someone who has suffered with depression for years this book is a wonderful break from the often clinical format many other books about depression can take. Treadwell begins the book with a note about how it does differ from many of the other books available; there are no worksheets or long, difficult meditations or introspective exercises.  There is then a lovely introduction where the author ensures to point out that she is not a psychiatrist or licensed counselor but simply someone who has suffered from depression.

Facing The Darkness then goes into it's five chapters, based on the common Western pagan elements, earth, air, fire, water and spirit.  The chapters each have one or two page sections that include inspirational stories, poems, ideas for easy meditations and other similar sections.  For example the water chapter includes small sections on loneliness, heroes and wasting time.  The chapter on spirit includes sections on magic, love, hiding and balance.  One of the most wonderful things about this book is that you do not need to read it from front cover to back cover.  You can just pick it up, flip to a page and read. 

Treadwell further breaks the book down, making it that much easier to read and absorb by making the most poignant sentences in boldface type. This helps the reader focus on only one or two sentences if need be.  This really frees the reader up to take in the information they need in a way which is most comfortable for this.  This freedom is incredibly important, especially for those who are suffering from depression or another similar emotional condition.  You do not need to take on any large commitment regarding reading this book.  Simply pick it up when needed, read what you want and then put it back down without having a feeling or worry regarding leaving the book unfinished. 

I personally feel that anyone who suffers from depression or any other similar emotional condition should have this book.  This is a book that anyone can benefit from and especially since it's written so that anyone can understand it, there are no prerequisites for reading it.  You don't need to be an experienced witch to read this, you don't need to be experienced in psychiatry, an experienced pagan or anything on that.  I highly recommend this.  On a personal note , I would like to say that should you be experiencing severe depression or other emotional difficulties, and you have not already, please seek a licensed counselor or psychiatrist. 

~review By: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Cat Treadwell
116ppg; $14.95
Moon Books; 2013