In Gaia Eros Jesse Wolf Hardin writes eloquently of his sanctuary and spiritual connections with Nature, all the while urging us to not just be an observer but a purposeful participant in the “nonexploitive partnership” of Gaia.  Not since discovering Edward Abbey have I read anything that touched the deep and erotic energy that I feel whenever I walk barefoot through the farmyard, wade through the creek, or hike in the woods on a moonlit night. 


Many books on Nature Spirituality are broad based and a good starting place, but Wolf takes us further into true connection with Gaia by walking through the steps of devotion and re-wilding restoration of the magical New Mexico canyon he shares with the beautiful Loba and calls home.  He introduces us to the trees, the river, the stones and the sacred vein within each and ourselves. 


With instructions on “Finding, Purchasing, Restoring, and Resacrementing Land” Wolf offers us practical steps on how we can reconnect and impact the Earth, one place at a time.  While not an easy task, the responsibility for protecting and preserving our planet is essential. 


Gaia Eros will open your ears to the sounds of Nature, your eyes to the vision of Gaia, your heart to Mother Earth in a way which will have you breathing deeper and rolling up your sleeves and making “The Wild Covenant” to become an active caretaker of the planet. 


~review by Denise Bell

Author: Jesse Wolf Hardin

New Page, 2004