Thank you Rita Mauceri and Elycia Rubin! Curves Rule and Flat is Fabulous: Sexy Stylish Looks for Every Figure is a truly wonderful look at classic styles that any woman can wear and love to see her self in.


Most books about fashion are geared towards a woman that most of us aren’t: slim, young, and with enough money that a new set of clothes every season isn’t a burden. Frankly, I haven’t been that woman since my 2nd decade. It’s been too darn depressing to pay more than scant attention to magazines that tell me that this season’s colors are gold and watermelon, with a high-waisted, dropped shoulder silhouette. (Or whatever they come up with, season after season.) I was fortunate, a long time ago, to have a friend with a generous sense of proportion and fit who gave me succinct and accurate advice that is timeless. When I stick to that advice, I look good.


Curves Rule and Flat is Fabulous is like having my friend in the room with me now. Do you have ‘tatas’ (small breasts) or are you busty? Maybe you’ve got a Buddha belly (that’s me) or are leggie. From broad-shouldered to curvy, the authors have specific advice for you about all of the basic articles of clothing in our closet. Moreover, the women they use as models are REAL. No airbrushing, no perfect measurements, these women are the ones that you know in everyday life.


Starting with jeans (many a woman’s nightmare) and working their way through tops, pants, jackets, skirts, sweaters, dresses, clothes for hanging (or working) out in, swimwear, and ending with underwear, every vital article of clothing is gone over and specific recommendations made for your body type – no matter what it is. There is no condescension here, these ladies know how much you want to wear those ethereal floaty dresses, but they’ll tell you straight out if an Empire waist is more your style.


You’ll look great. You’ll make better choices for your wardrobe, pieces that you’ll keep, season after season, because they are so perfect. And what woman doesn’t need an ongoing boost to her self-esteem?


Highly recommended.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Authors: Rita Mauceri and Elycia Rubin

Citadel Press/Kensington, 2009

pp. 144, $18.95