Dr. Lowenstein does an excellent job of introducing the seeker to the benefits of a Kriya yoga practice. He discusses the fundamentals of meditation, such as the importance of breath and proper posture. The author gives easy to understand instructions on how to sit properly, whether it be on the floor or in a chair. It sounds simple, but good posture is the basis of all meditation practices.

The author introduces the seeker to a number of easy to do basic meditation practices which focus on prana, breath, mindfulness and visualization. There are also numerous illustrations throughout the text that provide greater clarity. Further, there are Hatha yoga exercises as well as the Five Tibetan yogas to play with, which are fun and interesting. Lowenstein tries to tie in yoga philosophy with science, and although he does make some interesting points, such as his discussion on sexual trauma and the polyvagal theory, I found most of his theories as little more than pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo. For example:
“Ganesh Baba created a system with four energetic fields that represent an extrapolation of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the space/time continuum, which is beyond the speed of light.” pp.59

This makes literally no sense because there is nothing beyond the space/time continuum.
A certain amount of controversy surrounds the Kriya Yoga community, so I thought a cautionary note should be added in regards to that. I have found that, after reading this book, that the practices and yogas contained inside are easy, safe and doable, and can become a foundation for a lifetime of effective yogic practice. The rest of it can be taken with a large grain of salt.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author Keith G. Lowenstein M.D.
Inner Traditions, 2021
p. $19.95, pp. 259