Pankaj Vij, MD is certified in internal medicine as well as obesity medicine. He emphasizes diet and nutrition for everyday health, weight loss and disease treatment. He believes that this is a lifestyle approach for everyone and as such, lives it himself.

This book begins with a brief overview of what Turbo Metabolism is and how it may benefit the reader. It hits key points that affect the everyday reader in areas like nutrition, health, energy and lifespan. There is a strong emphasis on metabolic syndrome which incorporates many of the diseases that we see in the United States today. Things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, etc. Almost every adult in the United States suffers from one form of metabolic syndrome or another allowing Vij to reach many readers on a very personal level.

As the reader progresses through the book, Vij explains how our foods are designed to entice, addict and reap havoc on our bodies. This isn’t a blame game kind of book. This book shows how we are a victim of our environment and of our time in term of the society norms and how they have evolved through the years into the eating style most people practice today. In addition, we see how continuing in these habits will affect our health and those of our children and grandchildren in years to come.

Once equipped with a solid foundation in what Vij is hoping to accomplish, what results this new lifestyle can inflict in weight and in internal health, and a good grasp on why we are where we are: Vij begins to unravel the path to success. Step by step the reader is educated on what they can do to slowly make life style changes that will turn their bad habits into the new “medicine”.
Throughout the book the reader will get explanations on “why” recommendations are made that makes sense and is in a language that is easily understood. Vij discusses water consumption and exercise, and how each one specifically affects our body, and why it’s so important. Not leaving the reader hanging, Vij lays out a specific exercise plan that can be used to get started in the right path.

Additionally, provides some of his families healthy recipes, as well as others he has collected that will assist the new comer to Turbo Metabolism in meal preparations. He discusses super foods and foods to avoid, with a section on how to shop the stores for these products. The reader will get a brief education on supplements and also on the glycemic index of many everyday foods.

This is a great read for anyone interested in bettering their health. Whether you are already healthy, ill, young or old, there is something to be learned here for anyone open minded and willing to make a change in their lifestyle that will improve their health. Giving the reader all the information in a way that they understand is a great way in educating them and making them feel more a part of their lifestyle choice. They are able to make these changes because they are educated in the affect it has on their body not just because they are told to. This connection brings them closer and more a part of the process.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP
New World Library, 2018
p. 287, $$16.95