This is a terrific read -- fun and articulate, practical and spiritual all at once.  Tess Whitehurst is a lifelong student of the magical arts, feng shui consultant, and energy worker. All of her training comes together in Magical Housekeeping, a comprehensive guide to a truly clean home.

Unlike Cunningham's book of the same title, Whitehurst focuses more on the energy of the home than on crafts and Crafting. She cheerfully references Denise Linn and Karen Kingston, which is wise considering how many of her techniques are based on their teachings.

The recipes and rituals Whitehurst has created are completely accesible and fairly easy. A few ingredients will be hard to find for some, but most everything is on hand or easily obtained. Whitehurst does a good job of walking the line between being very 'witchy' and overly 'newagy'.

Starting with clearing the clutter and then going through cleaning, and space cleaning, Whitehurst then goes on to write about harmonious postures (mudras), allies (angel, fairies,plants, gems, etc.) and ends with an eclectic gathering of rituals for the home.

Strongly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Tess Whitehurst
Llewellyn Publications, 2010
pp. 224, $16.95