Frequent readers of Taylor Elwood’s writing will notice a dramatic shift in his latest nonfiction work, Manifesting Wealth. Elwood has set aside his dense, academic style for a lighter approach. As writers know, writing the material that one might term “fluff” is all too often the most difficult to write; while readers who do not write often may express bemusement at this, other writers know that evolving this skill is a point for congratulation. Elwood succeeds in presenting material with a lighter hand without losing the detailed accounts of experiments in magic that make his work unique. While readers who do not write may not recognize this, readers that do will realize that Elwood has made a significant advancement in his skill-journey.

The philosophical underpinnings of Manifesting Wealth parallel other growing knowledge of prosperity magic and its mechanics: in the Western world, financial needs seem comparatively non-essential compared to that of other cultures. This requires adjustments in our definitions of wealth, and in our approach towards rituals of prosperity. Goals need to be geared beyond having needs met that include naming specifics, allowing room for growth, and often listening for received wisdom. In Elwood’s own experiences, he often points to how spirits and other guidance sent him towards other wisdom, sometimes written, sometimes experienced. Based on what Ellwood writes, in the Western world, often wealth magic is really a form of knowledge magic – finding new ways of building wealth (rather than just having money) involves learning, reading, and frequent study.

Large spells and rituals are few in this book; what direct magic Ellwood suggests comes after a very thorough diagnostic of debts, savings, and immediate needs for the Pagan household. Most of the magical techniques involve influencing the energy that already surrounds you, rather than raising energy and sending it off for a specific purpose.

Those that collect spell books may find this one disappointing, but for those looking for active techniques to improve both financial literacy and surrounding energy of wealth, this book has a lot to offer. It’s definitely worth a read through as a touchstone of financial literacy for magical people.

Highly Recommended.

~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Taylor Elwood
Megalithica/Immanion Press, 2014
pp. 199, $19.99