What sheer joy and pleasure! Cunningham gives us real flesh-and-blood characters, a compelling plot, lyrical writing, and intimate knowledge of the slow but radical changes that take place in a woman's life when she opens herself up to the Goddess.

This book is satisfying on all levels. It has everything I require in a good read: intelligence; allusions to beloved classics; depth and richness of character in females, males, young and old; plot twists, sus­pense and a bit of new knowledge ("lady" means "loaf-giver"). If that weren't enough, it also gives us a sacred grove, a fascinating tarot reading that is integral to the plot, the "good deaths" of two elderly characters, and the transcendence and earth-healing power of sacred sex.


I read this book in one day (I read fast), a day of heavy bleeding, laying in bed with Helen working nearby on the computer and Kati just outside sewing away in the schoolbus studio. Every once in a while I had to put down the book and say, "This is a wonderful book! I love you both! I am so happy!" And when James and John came home, they got sloppy kisses too. This book made me ecstatic. I floated all day. Give it to your friends, give it to your mother. It will appeal to the same folks who fell in love with the God­dess when they read Mists of Avalon.


~review by Joanna Colbert

Author: Elizabeth Cunningham

Station Hill Press, 1992.

pp. 384, $12.95