Seasons of Tranquility does exactly what the title of each musical segment indicates that it will. With piano, harp, recorder, flute, various strings and other instruments, it takes you through the Tranquility of Autumn, the Reflection of Winter, the Showers of Spring and the Serenity of Summer.


This CD definitely lives up to its promise to relax you. I’ve listened to it at various times of the day and found that it doesn’t put me to sleep, but just really seems to ‘mellow me out.’


The CD cover states that it is “used by many healthcare professionals for massage, yoga, stress reduction and relaxation prior to sleep.” I believe it would be quite useful and enjoyable to listen to during all of those things.


In a few words, buy it.  You won’t be sorry.


~review by Jae

Artist: Ken Kaufman

Relax with Swann