Developed by German doctor Johannes Schultz in the early 20th century, autogenic training (AT) teaches how to use the mind-body connection to influence and regulate the body’s normally involuntary autonomic functions by passively tapping into your central and peripheral nervous systems. In Advanced Autogenic Training, Endredy promises to train the reader in how to use AT to optimize health as well as reawaken our senses, reconnect with Nature and tap into the vast knowledge and power of the universe. It's a tall order.

Endredy has spent decades living and working with indigenous cultures, and his experience offers a spiritual aspect to an otherwise 'scientific' technique. Specifically, practices such as Forest Bathing, Nature’s Breath, and Primal Fire Connection provide a kind of shamanistic element.

Advanced Autogenic Training is a great primer for AT itself: there are step-by-step instructions for the forty AT techniques. He also explains how to add specific healing affirmations and visualizations to your AT practice as well as how to work with colors and the chakras.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: James Endredy
Bear & Co, 2016
pp. 272, $18