The fundamental take-away of Franziska Iseli's latest book, The Courage Map, is that courage is not an inherent trait but, instead, a learned skill. Certainly she doesn't say that it's easy to learn, but it requires no particular expertise and, thus, anyone can do it. With a collection of essays, exercises, and journaling prompts, Iseli lays out a path for the reader that will bring them to a newfound (or renewed) foundation of courage with which to build their life upon. That's what the book promises; how does it do?

The Courage Map has several things going for it. It's both well-written and approachable. You won't be confused by Iseli's metaphors or miss the point of one the anecdotes she draws from her own experiences. She breaks out 13 "principles" that help you build your own courageousness, and after each one you'll see the point she's making. Best of all, as I see it, she doesn't promise you that this will be an easy process. You aren't being sold a bill of goods with this book, trying to persuade you that reading the book *is* the process. No, she is laying out a plan of action for you but you must still do the heavy lifting. She promises that the trail leads where she says it does, but you still have to walk it.

In the library of self-development literature, The Courage Map belongs on that relatively small shelf of books that can be taken seriously.

~ review by Patricia Mullen

Author:  Franziska Iseli
TCK Publishing, 2020
pp. 147, $19.99