Just What the Planet Needs

When this book arrived in my mailbox, I was delighted to see that it was written by the same author as another book I reviewed (and loved) recently, The Seven Archetypal Stones. Author Nicholas Pearson has a delightful talent for making books about crystals and stones readable. Unlike many of the encyclopedia-style rock guides - which, don’t get me wrong, do come in handy - his books are fascinating reading. He also provides useful techniques for working with crystals, ones that are at once powerful and simple.

In Crystals for Karmic Healing, Pearson outlines ways to use crystals and gemstones to effectively release old patterns and free yourself from karma. It might be personal karma, from this lifetime or a previous incarnation, or ancestral karma handed down in your DNA. With the support of crystals and some focused visualization techniques, the reader is encouraged to do the sacred work of ridding your energy system of outdated patterns.

These techniques range from the basics of crystal use to advanced exercises like cutting karmic cords. Pearson advises us to “get to know them in mediation; sleep with them tucked beneath your pillow.” He adds, “merely owning and collecting crystals is not an effective way to harness their power. It’s a little like owning a computer without ever turning it on.” In the “Karmic Tool Kit” chapter, he offers instructions for making gemstone elixirs, creating crystal layouts and grids, and more. He touches on sacred geometry and the composition and care of the energy body in various places throughout the book, as well.

Pearson also addresses the global change in human consciousness that is currently underway. It might not appear to be the case if you look at politics and current events, but there is an increase in awakening consciousness across the planet. Our current turmoil is a result of old karma and the backlash to the changes that are occurring. Pearson offers techniques designed so that conscious co-creators can participate in the clearing of the old patterns and assist in the birth of the new societies that we so desperately need.

The gorgeous illustrations in this tome add to its appeal. It is well laid-out and includes many illustrations. The main part of the book includes a comprehensive list of stones that are good for working with karma. The descriptions are in-depth and educational. Pearson shares the “why” behind his choice of each stone. For example, in the section on phantom crystals, he writes, “When phantom crystals are formed, their growth may appear to start and stop many times. Indeed, some crystals display dozens and dozens of phantoms upon close inspection. At no point did the crystal give up its quest to form merely because a new challenge or deviation came into play; it instead grew around the obstacle, encapsulating that moment as a ghostly impression of its former morphology. The lesson these crystals teach through this is that karmic lessons are meant to be integrated rather than pushed away.”

I highly recommend this book, and anything by Pearson, as a valuable addition to your metaphysical library. You’ll most likely find it valuable in your personal magickal work. It’s also just what the planet needs at this time in history.

~review by Nikki Starcat Shields

Author: Nicholas Pearson
Destiny Books, 2017
pp.275, $24.95

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