Eileen Troemel has written work in journals, contests, magazines etc. over a period of several years. She holds degrees in business and in writing and has knowledge in spirituality and divination. Recently she has teamed up with artist TJ Jahns to bring us Moon Affirmations and its accompanying journal. 

This is a two part set, with the first part being the Moon Affirmations book. In its 82 pages we get a look at how our energy and the moons phases go hand and hand. How the reader can focus their energy by keeping their affirmations in sync with the moon phase they are in rather than working against the phases. Over the course of 28 nights, Troemel leads readers on a daily meditation to help guide them  into the focus she describes by self-examination and self-realization.

The meditations within the book aren’t meant to be done only once. The reader is encouraged to revisit the meditation cycle as often as they like, to reap additional benefits, and see potentially new enlightenment. The meditations combine statements of power, meditative chants, affirmations, etc. to bring the reader closer to the divine, their inner consciousness and true self.

There is a brief description of meditation for the beginner. Troemel assists the reader in breathing and entering the meditated state. The reader is also encouraged to pre-read, memorize, or record each meditation in order to fully understand and get acquainted with the process before the actual meditation begins.

As the reader progresses every night, page by page, throughout the book, completing meditation after meditation, they are unfolding. Beginning with the New Moon, waxing, full, waning and then dark, the reader develops in their discovery as the moon cycles in and out of each phase. With each phase lasting about 3 days, and each meditation lasting about 15 minutes, Troemel encourages the reader to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life and family to take care of yourself.

The second part of this set is the Moon Affirmation Journal. The journal is paper bound and offers lined pages for journaling. Troemel describes the journals flexibility in that it can accompany the book or be used on its own. The journal is arranged in a 28 day format, allowing approx. 3 lined pages and one blank page per night. This allows journaling of thoughts and ideas as well as an area to draw or illustrate any images that come to mind. The journal’s nightly entry is accompanied by a prompt sentence or two to help the reader/writer to share their thoughts and encourage them to work within the moon cycle.

Moon Affirmations is a great tool for all spiritual people. It is great for the beginner who needs guidance and direction. However, it is equally great and important to those of us more seasoned, who sometimes loose our groove and seek new and exciting ways of focusing our energy. Even if you already work and take advantage of the moons energy, you will find new ideas in the form of meditation exercises and chants that can help you move forward and deeper in your self-discovery.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Eileen Troemel
Stone Publishing, 2017
Book: p. 82, $7.99
Journal: p. 288, $10.99