Neurosculpting is a comprehensive learning program to help people move out of fear-based patterns, release limitations, and move toward wholeness. Wimberger has been teaching this method since 2007, helping people deal with daily stress, and long-term post-traumatic stress disorders.

The program includes introductory material, in-depth information about neuroplasticity, nutrition, and guided meditations that help the student achieve mental reprogramming for mind-body-spirit healing. The material is designed to reduce stress, negative thinking, mood swings, and inflammation while building better creativity, a healthy immune system, a positive mental state and higher cognitive functioning.

The book presents food for thought in the form of chapters that guide the reader through a top-to-bottom self-evaluation process. Scientific facts about how brain and body interact precede thinking exercises on related topics. Learning how the mind works and how nutrition and exercise help support healthier brain functions helps equip the reader to be more effective in the process of re-molding conditioned beliefs and rewriting old patterns. The reader who follows through with the processes should attain a mental landscape that is more fulfilling and fearless. There are eleven chapters and four appendices.

The six-CD set is an audio supplement to the book. These are professional produced recordings by the author. Each CD contains about an hour of material that parallels but doesn’t exactly mirror the book. The first CD provides the introduction.
CD #2 is “The Art of Becoming Present.”
CD #3 is “Replacing Old Patterns”
CD #4 is “Energetic Awareness”
CD #5 is “Neurosculpting for Health and Healing”
CD #6 is “Neurosculpting for Better Relationships”

CDs #2 through 5 include guided practice segments. The material is divided into tracks so it’s easier to jump to the guided meditation track (without listening to the entire CD again). The CD set should be appealing to people who prefer audio material to books. Listening to Wimberger’s voice is a bit more interactive and personal.

The author includes a lot of scientific material about how the mind and body function. This is emphasized in the segments that precede the guided exercises (aka guided meditations). Background music would have been helpful during these exercises.

Readers should be aware that both the book and CDs present a holistic program that includes tips about diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices along with mind retraining (or “entrainment”). The process includes journaling, keeping track of meals and activities, and taking notes about the thoughts that arise during the exercises. Keeping track of patterns and behaviors are a crucial step to changing them!

The ideal consumer for the Neurosculpting program will be prepared to commit to a program of listening or reading, implementing dietary suggestions, doing the mental and physical exercises, journaling, and other lifestyle changes that the author recommends. People with chronic, stress-related health problems will greatly benefit from this program. It will also be of great benefit to people who struggle with negative thoughts, a bad self-image, or who struggle with fears as a barrier to achievement.

Neurosculpting offers a path for attaining substantial lifestyle improvements. Like any kind of educational program, there has to be a commitment and willingness to do the homework. The material is well-organized and powerful; it’s up to the student to attain all of the many life-changing, positive results from it.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Author: Lisa Wimberger
Sounds True, 2015
Book: 238 pages, $18.95 pb.
CD set: 6 CDs, around 6 hours of material in a shell with inner binder and CD holders. $59.66