Detailing a spiritual journey bursting with alchemy, Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess is a wonderful advanced book, perfect for anyone wanting to delve into a unique voyage with Her. Sekhmet begins with a wonderful and necessary introduction which describes not only how the author discovered the alchemical process detailed in this book but the nature and purpose of it.  While this section is small and almost simple, I did find it necessary to get a deeper understanding of the processes included.  

Beyond the introduction Sekhmet is broken into four sections beginning with Who, What and How.  The chapters in this section, Sekhmet Face-To-Face, Preparing for the Work, Paying Respects to the Mysteries and Dealing with Fear are incredible introductory style chapters which will really help prepare the reader for the trek this book takes you on.  Part one however is more of the before-the-journey though, it's in part two that we really are beginning this voyage itself.  Through offerings, hymns and deeply personal stories from the author, the reader is gently guided through the chapters of part two where they begin the alchemical journey with Sekhmet. 

The two final sections get into the meat of everything as well as includes a completion ceremony.  Part three is the longest section of the book, comprising close to half of the entire volume.  This section includes such things as journeying to Sekhmet's temple, dealing with Akashic elements as well as personal regeneration.  I do have to say I love that part four includes the completion ceremony.  Oftentimes we see spiritual journeys like this just come to an end without any finality.  Having this sort of closure can be very helpful emotionally and spiritually.

While I personally found this book to be a bit of a dry read, it was a good one.  It however is not for a beginner nor anyone with a passing or casual interest in Sekhmet.  For the right reader I highly recommend this book, but otherwise I would say pass it over.

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Nicki Scully
239ppg; $18.00
2017; Bear & Company