The Psychic Handbook is a work of non-fiction, its primary goal being personal growth. Whether you believe yourself to be psychic or not, this book can help you become more aware and perhaps help strengthen or enhance your own spirituality.  Ms. Balcombe states in the introduction, “Fear is the great destroyer; knowledge is the bridge to understanding. Open your eyes - there is nothing to fear, and you may be surprised.”


Beginning with a discussion about what a psychic is and relates the abilities of psychics, she notes throughout the book that not all psychics sense in exactly the same fashion as each other, nor do they all work in the same way, but that doesn’t mean one is inferior to the other.  In each chapter, information and exercises, along with diagrams are furnished, providing a good foundation for the reader to develop and learn control of their abilities.


The book covers the aura, healers and healing energy, the various responsibilities of psychic sensing and practicing as a psychic and/or Healer, past lives and out-of-body travel, the effects of energy and the soul, the spirit and physical existence.  Having read other books on being psychic I was surprised to note the many variances from the books I had read previously. Most certainly, it was a pleasant surprise, and consequently I found myself deep in thought much of the time clarifying my own beliefs.


Though not extremely in-depth, there is an adequate amount of information giving the reader the main basics and many lessons to practice. This book is not hard for the reader to follow or grasp. At the back of the book there is an easily utilized index for finding the varying topics and lessons.


Whether you are just beginning to learn about what being psychic is, or whether you are seasoned in this subject, this book provides much material not commonly found, so in my opinion this book is beneficial to all who are interested in what being psychic is all about.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Betty F. Balcombe
Samuel Weiser, Inc., 2000
pp. 192 pages, $12.95