For anyone following a nature path, this is one book you need on your bookshelf. The Ancient Magick of Trees is a comprehensive field guide to help you identify over 100 common trees in North America and Europe. With illustrations, this guide will not only assist you in identifying the tree, but also covers the mythology, magickal properties, medicinal properties and more. This book will enhance your relationship to trees and how important they are to our physical as well as spiritual well-being.

The author breaks down the book into four sections. Section one covers tree mythology and legend. He gives background on sacred symbolism of trees in the Bible, across cultures, as well as the sacred tree today.

Section two is the most important as this is the field guide. This is the section you will be able to reference time and time again. The field guide provides illustrations of the tree bark, leaves and any seeds, nuts, or fruits etc. Each tree page has other names the tree might be, number of species, family, genus, description of the leaf, bark, or fruit, magickal properties, lore, practical uses, medicinal uses and more. This section has the scientific characteristics as well as the folk traditions associated.

Section three dives into the correspondences within various spiritual systems. This is another great section to guide you with the divine, calendar, Celtic and Druidic correspondences, as well as covers the Tree of life and astrological.

The last section covers magick, activities and craft. The chapters go over communication and sensing, activities, wands, staff and amulets and a quick guide for magickal and medicinal properties. The meditations and activities are written so anyone can easily perform them whether you are new to the path or not. They are a lot of fun and enhance your connections and relationships to the trees around you.

If the seeker wants to jump to a specific tree, there is a handy guide at the beginning of the book with the page number you can find your information on.

I really like this book and find it will be handy for anyone who is looking to deepen their practice with the magick of trees.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Gregory Michael Brewer
Llewellyn Publications, 2019
pp. 336, $24.99