Based on the title, I thought Devoted to You would be a kind of ‘how to’ book, and in one sense it is – but not in the manner I expected. Four deities are the focus of the four chapters: Anubis, Gaia, Brigit, and Aphrodite, beginning with a summary of mythology then going to list correspondences, ways to become attuned to that Deity’s energy, and finishing with a sampling of rituals to attract that deity’s presence. The book’s subtitle is a bit misleading as the contributors include two Wiccans and two Reconstructionists – an extra treat since Reconstructionist religions are rarely used as sources, or even mentioned, in Wiccan literature.

One’s personal relationship with the Divine is a rarely explored topic in current Pagan literature. This is a book of sharing unlike any other I have seen. The emphasis is on the connection between individual and Deity. The writers explore their relationships in depth, using their life experiences as examples. There are songs, poetry, maps, and photography adding to the richness of the experience. The reader is drawn into the personal spiritual experiences of the authors, allowing us to intimately understand the connection.

Add this book to your library.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Judy Harrow, et al

Citadel Press, 2003

pp. 304, $12.95