Image This book jumped off the shelf at me during a visit to the bookstore. The rituals Kynes presents are basic and easily adapted to more elaborate ritual – they are a good starting place. Kynes gears the rituals for both the solitary practitioner and a coven. Additionally she covers all skill levels. She has a summary of the sabbat, background for the ritual, themes, prep, set up and then both group and solo rituals for each of the sabbats. In addition to this she has one for each of the full moons. She covers basically the same type of information as well as offering names for the moon, celtic tree calendar, and background. Her instructions are easy to follow and at the same time they can be adapted to your own particular path. If you are stuck for an idea for a particular full moon or sabbat this would be the perfect book to go to for a nudge in creating your own or utilizing her rituals. The back of the book accurately describes what you will see inside which is a guide to help the reader create rituals for both esbats and sabbats. The appendices Kynes includes are very relevant to the topics. All five are very helpful in creating a ritual.   Kynes' writing style is easy to read and conversational. The format she has laid out is easy to follow. Kynes lists all the items needed for the ritual which makes preparation and setup much easier. Her group rituals are laid out so that each participant can have a part or it can be led by the priest/ess. Her solo rituals are simple enough to be easy to perform yet still thought and power filled.  

This book is a great reference book for both full moon and sabbat general rituals, offering ideas and options for both solitary or coven participants.

~review by Eileen Troemel

Author:  Sandra Kynes

Llewellyn Publications, 2004

pp. 232, $14.95