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I received these two little hardcovers as a nifty bonus along with Good Fortune and How To Attract It. (Hooray for nifty bonuses!) They’re adorable little books, and while I normally am not a spell fan, these charmed be, to be sure.

You won’t find a bunch of magical theory in these; they’re pure spell book, and so best for someone who already has the basic mechanics of magic down. What I really love about them, though, is the simplicity of the spells. They’re reminiscent less of the flashy “First you do this, and then you do this” formulae in modern spell books, and more akin to folk magic. One of the spells for happiness involves planting a tree, and several involve flowers of various sorts. Some of my favorite wealth spells draw on old customs regarding old shoes. They’re neat little spells that you can work into your everyday life and home, and won’t take a lot of time out of your day.

As with so many of the Quadrille publications of Hardie’s works, these are lovingly illustrated with full colors. If nothing else, Hardie’s works are by far some of the most aesthetically pleasing. And these are adorable enough that you could probably make a gift of them to someone who might not be so witchy, but who would appreciate the charm. However, these are also quite workable spells, so don’t pass them off as only decorations.

Five pawprints out of five.

(first published on Lupa's Pagan Book Review site.)

~review by Lup

Author: Titania Hardie
Quadrille, 2005
App. 50 pages each