Love Magic's spells hearken back to old fashioned folk magic. Practical and uncomplicated, anyone can do them. Easy to follow directions along with good organization of topics, makes these spells a cinch even for those who ordinarily would not practice magic. Divination is recommended to clear away obstacles to love before embarking on the magical path. Non-magical solutions are sometimes advised. Lilith Dorsey's anecdotes about the unintended consequences of spells are amusing and instructive. Much like a cookbook, it's best to taste a little at a time.

Most of these 250 spells lean to the happy end of the love spectrum invoking romance, passion, sacred union and fertility but the sadder side of love lost is addressed with spells for rekindling passions, getting though break ups and losing crazy exes. Obsession and heartbreak are given their moment with warnings about when to be cautious with magic and advice on when to seek professional, worldly help. The majority of the spells fall into the category of candle magic and spiritual oils. The author is a voodoo priestess and magic practitioner with a number of different cultural influences that make their way into the text. The diversity of influences should appeal to a broad audience.

In addition to love spells, a smattering of other topics are included such as re-balancing chakras, chasing away gossip, ridding yourself of enemies, attracting happiness and some food recipes to feed your beloved. The spells are short and sweet except when they're not! Immortal Beloved Vampire Incense and Obsession Be Gone Candle are examples on the wilder or darker side of love spells. The names of spells are evocative: Three is Not Company Floorwash to get the third wheel out of your relationship;Ice Princess Freezer Spell to stop a person of bad influence; Stick it to me Cinnamon Gris-Gris Spell to invigorate sexual energy.

Expect to purchase ingredients for spells that may include essential oils, holy waters, various herbs, candles and the occasional crystals, lodestones, flowers, glitter or food. The cost of the materials should be within reach but some of the essential oils can be pricey. The spiritual oils when mixed double as some divine smelling natural perfumes. At the end of the book, the chapter Materia Magica, lists the herbs, sacred waters, sacred crystals and their properties. Additionally Appendix A provides the Psalms spoken in hoodoo spells.

The book has a nice design quality for a paperback. Someone selected cute black and white illustrations to accompany the spells and did a nice job of placing them into the text, giving the feel of a women's magazine.

Love Magic is a lighthearted, delightful read. Lilith Dorsey is well-versed in the subject matter and the spells pass the muster for authenticity.


~review by Larissa Carlson Viana

Author: Lilith Dorsey
Red Wheel/Weiser 2016
pp. 275, $16.95