The Way of Four examines the role elements play in our lives. The elements are all around us. We interact with and influence them constantly, just as they affect us. But exactly how do they affect us? Which are dominant in our personality and our current selves? Are any of them out of balance? If so, how can balance be created? This insightful book will help you find the answers to these questions and many more. It is full of astute quizzes that allow the reader to determine elemental influences in such realms as our career, current life role, and our home. It then goes on to explain what the results of each quiz mean, how to use the information for your benefit, and what steps can be taken to correct any imbalances that are revealed. 


Although a fair amount of material contained within the book covers more personal information, there is much additional information inside. The elements in nature are thoroughly explored through well-designed exercises and meditations. Unlike many books, these exercises are easily adapted for those who live in the city and do not have access to wide open spaces.


The author also includes information regarding the elements in rituals and spell working, such as which element is most suitable for particular types of spell work. But this book is not just for witches. True, there is information about spells and magic contained within, but for the most part, The Way of Four is accessible to anyone with an interest in the elements.


I enjoyed this book. It was a pleasant yet informative look at the elements with information easy to understand regardless of the reader’s level of expertise. There is a great deal of information packed between its covers including elemental topics I never really considered before.  It would certainly be helpful for those who are seeking a better balance in their lives.

~ review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Deborah Lipp
Llewellyn Publications, 2004
pp. 303, $17.95