Witch Life is pretty good. I know that doesn't seem like high praise, but that's mostly because the book's blurb was kind of misleading. Witch Life is described as a guide to connect you with your spirituality and about making that practice thrive; as a collection of magical practices for "nearly every purpose"; and as valuable for both beginners and those of us who have been working magic for a long time. What it really offers are complicated workings and practices oriented much more towards beginners and practitioners with lots of time who aren't based in an urban environment.

Witch Life is organized nicely, and I think the chapter on Elemental Magic is particularly well done as if the one on Amulets & Talismans. If I were Queen of the (Publishing) World, I'd change the title to be something like Witch Life: A Newcomer's Guide to Making Magic and the blurb would better reflect that orientation.

Books for newcomers to alternative spirituality come out all through the year, every year; it's literally an evergreen market for publishers. Mostly, this is because there are many (MANY) different ways to express basically the same information. As a reviewer here at Facing North I read a lot of them. Witch Life is fine, but there are much better newcomer offerings.

~review by Lisa McSherry

Author: Emma Kathryn
Llewellyn Publications, 2022
pp. 304, 17.99