Deborah Blake is one of my personal favorite metaphysical writers and I was very excited about this latest release! She has released several great books on rituals and magic for the individual but now we have one suited for two or more people. Whether the reader is already part of a group or wishing to start one, the book is filled with great info for covens and working in groups.
The book is focused a bit more of an eclectic mix and less formal in nature for the modern witch. The author helps the reader with questions that should be addressed before starting a group or coven. The reader should consider things such as how large they want the group and how often to meet. Will the group be an open circle (open to anyone) or closed (restricted to members and invited guests). People have busy lives and schedules so it is best to prepare ahead of time how the reader envisions the group and think about the various considerations. I really like how she gives the reader question prompts to help them form their own group perimeters and set up a good foundation to start with. She shares some of her own experiences as well and how her personal group has changed over the years. The book stressed how witchcraft is ever changing and so adaptable to the reader’s needs.
Blake stresses there is no wrong way to do this but does offer some basic guidance to help guide the reader along. Her writing style is always easy to follow and written so anyone can participate regardless of where the experience level is on their journey.

The book has a great section for the Sabbats. Each Sabbat has a background explanation, suggested supplies list and a guided ritual. Included in the book are also Full Moon and Lunar Cycle rituals. Again just like the Sabbats, these include suggested items, as well as providing a ritual that can be used or adapted to the reader needs. The reader will also find some great group spells by intention such as protection, love, banishing and more. This alone is a great reason to keep this book handy to reference as the need arises within the readers circle.
I really enjoyed reading the book and recommend for anyone looking to expand their magical workings into a group.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Deborah Blake
Llewellyn Publications, 2023
pp. 240, $18.95