Beneath the Moon is a mammoth book of information on Witchcraft. This comprehensive guide covers everything the reader could want to know about the craft and working with the moon.

So what does the book cover in the 808 page length? The sections include: Delve into the magic of the moon, this involves how to work with the book, why work with the moon, moon science, moon magic history, does the moon have a gender, moon rise, moon energy and Esbat. Next up covers working with the moon phase. This includes Triple Goddess, New Moon, Waxing and Waning moon, Full Moon, Dark moon and more. The following section covers working with the Lunar Year thru each month.

The book dives into special moons such as: Blue Moon, Sidhe Moon, Black Moon, Super Moon, Micro Moon, Eclipses, Blood Moon, Luna Occultation, and Mercury Retrograde.

The author doesn’t leave out the Moon and the Zodiacs. There is a section For each zodiac as well as the void moon. One of my personal favorite parts was covering the personal signs like the Sun or Star signs, Egyptian Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac, Native American Zodiac, and Celtic Zodiac.

There is so much more coverage as well! The book continues with Celtic Tree Moons, Moon Deities, Moon Animals, Flowers and Plants ruled by the Moon, a Moon Magic Grimoire, cooking with the moon cycle, moon crafts, divination, rituals, folklore and myths.

The price and size of the book may be daunting to some, but this compendium is well worth every penny. The writing style is easy to understand and the information in this all-inclusive guide is extensive and relatable. This is one book every witch should have among the shelves!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Rachel Patterson
Moon Books, 2022
pp. 808, $15.95