Before diving into the book itself, I wanted to mention how gorgeous the purple cover is with the silver font. It is eye catching and I was immediately draw to the look and feel of the book!

Reclaim your Dark Goddess is set up in Two Main Parts. Part I: Preparing to Meet The Dark Goddess includes chapters such as, Who is the Dark Goddess?, The dark night of the soul, and Is the Dark Goddess calling you. Part II: The Dark Goddess Revealed includes chapters on Gaia Earth Mother, Fortuna, Baba Yaga, Fuamnach, Hel, Sheela-na-gig, Cerridwen, Maeve, The Morrighan, The Cailleach, Arnemetia, and Goddess awakening. There is also an appendix which lists the Dark Goddesses and their archetypical shadow traits for reference.

This book may sound ominous based on the title alone, however it really is a book of healing and balance. Everyone has times in their life where they struggle with depression, anger, sadness, etc. Taking a deeper look at these elements and working thru the pain and trauma is the best way to find balance. Typically humans want to not try to focus on the dark, but ignoring the problems and issues will only leave them stagnant. This book is a great guide on facing the dark and transforming oneself.

There are misconceptions that the Dark Goddess is evil. This simply is not true. The Dark Goddess is there to help during those times of devastation, loss, and unforeseen challenges. Her role is to help the reader shed what is weighing them down so they can become their highest and best self. I order to bring balance, the reader must face what it that is bringing them into a dark place. The author teaches the reader how to embrace the shadow side and work thru for sacred healing and empowering.  

The book explains step by step how to work with the Dark Goddess. Even if the reader is new to the craft, the author give the background on why something is being done and how. There is quite a bit of beginner information to assist anyone on their journey. After the introduction chapters, the bulk of the book focuses on the individual Goddesses the reader may feel drawn to work with. These chapters include the name of the Goddess, origins, symbols, themes, colors, seasons, etc. There is history behind each, how to work with them and reasons why they are beneficial, rituals, and more.

This is a great book and reference guide that can be looked at time and time again for different situations. I highly recommend for anyone seeking to work on their shadow self.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Flavia Kate Peters
Rockpool Publishing, 2022
pp. 336, $24.95