Rise of the Witch is a unique guidebook for those new to the path. While she provides plenty of basics for the reader’s foundation on beginning their path, the book focuses more on making the practice your own. Each path is unique and her latest book is the perfect guide to inspire and create the readers own magickal approach.

The book is written in as easy to understand format and provides a starting point for those who wish to know where to begin. One of the things that caught my eye immediately is the very first exercise she suggests. It is a simple journal activity for the reader to sit and think about what the word witch and magick means to them. She prompts the reader to further explore why they were drawn to this path and what they hope to learn and embrace. Many other beginner books out there provide the basic information on sabbats, deities, spells etc. but not many have the reader begin with self-reflection first. While this may seem like a simple activity, it will help build a strong foundation.

Within the pages, the book provides guidance for such things as doing a self-initiation, creating sacred space, meditations, spells, exercises and rituals, as well as explains tools and how to utilize them. The author does a great job of helping the reader customize their practice whether they want to be out and in the open or if they prefer to keep their practice quiet and hidden.

The emphasis is on embracing the path to fit the reader’s individual needs and desire. While the book is geared more to a beginner, the guidance in these pages will help any new witch find their way. This is recommended to anyone seeking out a solitary path and needing a guiding voice to help them get started.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Whiskey Stevens
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
pp. 240, $16.99